• Professional Arborist Review – Husqvarna 500i Battery SERIES

    Professional Arborist Review – Husqvarna 500i Battery SERIES
     This summer Oakley have supplied various companies large and small with Husqvarna’s 500 series battery range. We have sold these products into a variety of industries including groundcare, landscapers, forestry and tree surgeons.  I managed to catch up with one of our pro user customers to get some feedback on the machinery. Seth Bradbury Tree Services Ltd placed an order for 2 chainsaws, a...
  • The Robotic Revolution

    The Robotic Revolution
    Having been a robotic mower dealer since the beginning of 2017 we at Oakleys have seen a year upon year rise in the popularity of robotic mowing. In the early days of selling and installing these products we found that we were met with scepticism, comments along the lines of “that little thing will never cut my large lawn” etc which were common responses....
  • Best Petrol Chainsaws On The Market

    Best Petrol Chainsaws On The Market
    With the vast choice of chainsaws on the market it has become increasingly difficult purchasing the chainsaw that suits you. Whether you are seeking a chainsaw for domestic usage or if you are a professional user there are many to choose from. The big brand names such as Stihl and Husqvarna offer a large range of chainsaws with many popular models. For example, the...
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