About Us - Oakley's Garden Machinery & Equipment

We have a long history, here's Oakley's back in 1946 - still a major force in garden machinery.

Why Use Oakleys Garden Machinery

We are not incentivised to sell large volumes of machines, but rather… we are incentivised to continue building up repeat business of which we hope to benefit from during the many future years to come. This is only made possible because of…

Our professional and friendly staff

All our employees are well trained, reliable and are motivated to give our customers the best quality of service that they can offer. We will do our best to sell you the mower that you need, but we do not just employ bonus driven sales representatives whose job is to shift boxes out the door. We have teams also employ dedicated teams in both parts and service to help support the products that we sell. We even have a team dedicated towards managing warranty claims.

The leading brands that we sell

Over the years Oakleys has been able to try various brands and machines and therefor we can feel confident in knowing that we are selling the best there is.

These brands include:

Our after sales support

We don’t just sell new machines. The majority of our business is focused on looking after machines that are currently in use. We have a large workshop filled with trained technicians, as well as an extensive warehouse containing a vast number of parts, and of which is managed by a driven team of individuals. Mowers have a tough life, are not invincible and will not last forever. Therefore, buying a new machine from Oakleys will give you peace of mind in knowing that you have a strong and reliable team behind you.

Oakleys Garden Machinery is the department within the Oakleys Group that is focused on looking after non-commercial customers who require ground care equipment, parts and service for their home and garden.

Unlike many other online retailers who simply fill a warehouse with products before selling them online, we are an established organisation made from ‘bricks and mortar’. And who employ a team of well-trained and friendly staff.

We have a fully stocked showroom and a dedicated area for demonstrating both traditional and robot mowers.

Why we promote the products that we sell…

We depend on repeat business and therefore we only sell machines that we believe will satisfy our customers in the long run. Therefore we have chosen only the best machines that are manufactured and supported by the best brands.

We sell…

Only selected products and brands that we believe will satisfy our customers throughout the entire life of their new machine.

What we don’t sell…

Products and brands that may offer us better margins on the sale, but also a poor outcome for the customer further down the line.