Electric vs Petrol

Electric Or Petrol? The question on everyone's mind as time is progressing and technology is advancing. 

Electric mowers have the advantages of being quieter and emitting no emissions, as well as being cheaper than petrol mowers. Petrol mowers, on the other hand have the advantage on electric mowers because of there sheer ability to get the job done. They almost always have more powerful motors with higher torque and cutting widths.

Gas-powered vs Electric Lawn Mower - Pros & Cons Comparison

The main advantage of buying a Electric mower is the emissions, because it runs off batteries and not a combustion engine it helps save the climate rather than allowing fumes from the less desirable petrol mower. 

The performance of the petrol engine is the reason people buy them and the fact that you don't have to wait for it to charge is another huge factor, depending on how you view the climate change crisis is  depended on which type of mower you chose to buy. 

One of the main flaws of the electric mowers is the mowing time, the amount of time varies on the model you buy but on average they range between 30minutes to 2hours battery life, But as things are still developing this will rapidly increase over time and the way its looking in the next decade electric anything is all you will be allowed. Why not make the change now ahead of the rest?

The obvious flaw of a petrol mower is the emissions, combustion engines are notoriously bad for global warming and by changing to electric for most people with an average size garden would be ideal because they can still easily get the job done in one battery life and avoid all of the guilt knowing the amount of pollution that has just gone into the air. 

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