Robot Mowers

Are you thinking of modernising your garden? Here is a brief introduction to Robotic Mowers. From the experts at Oakley's Garden Machinery.


You would be surprised to hear that Husqvarna produced a robot lawnmower nearly 25 years ago. So, the concept is not new. But… roughly 99% of all the robot mowers ever sold have been bought in only the last few years. i.e. Due to great advances in both robot and battery technology, they are now being taken very seriously and are now being installed in an ever-increasing number of lawns around the globe.

At Oakleys Garden Machinery we are able to offer the following services…

  • Site Survey
  • A wide range of Husqvarna Automowers
  • Our Professional Installation Service
  • Service and Warranty, as well as Winter Storage

How Robot Mowers Work...

Different robot mowers come with various levels of sophistication, but they are all designed on one simple concept. The mower needs to know its boundary if it is to avoid cutting your flowers or falling in the pond. This is made possible by installing a wire around the edge of your lawn and any other areas that you want your mower to avoid. The robot mower will not cross this wire.

Once charged it will leave it’s charging station, mow your lawn (within the boundary wire) and return home once its battery starts to run low.

They will change direction if they get too close to the boundary wire, or if they bump into something solid.

Robot mowers cut your grass using small razor blades. Making the process almost silent and very efficient. To avoid large clumps of grass being left on your lawn (it doesn’t mulch, this requires the machine to cut the grass ‘little and often’. Day and night.

If the lawn environment is correct, and the installation of the mower carried out correctly, you should find yourself with an excellent looking lawn. And after spending very little time and energy on it.

Should I buy a Robot Lawn Mower?

If installed correctly they should take away the hassle of having to remember and take the time to mow your lawn. They are completely automatic, work day and night, rain or shine, and… they never complain.

They require no fuel, no oil, and completely depend on their lithium battery that is charged from your mains power supply. Making them almost completely silent whilst they work and they are very cheap to run.

And… Due to there being very few moving parts, the cost of maintaining them is significantly lower than that of conventional petrol and diesel lawnmowers.

So, they are fantastic and almost revolutionary machines.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn’t buy one?

Yes! Sadly, they are not the ‘silver bullet’ for everyone. Robot mowers are great but there are plenty of reasons why you might be better off buying a normal mower. Such as…

  • Robot Mowers are unable to mow anything but short grass. So if you have mole hills, fallen twigs and branches, large tufts of grass etc etc, things that you would normally just run over with a petrol mower, you will have to attend to and clear these by hand.
  • If you have various sections of lawn where the mower cannot get to. For example… They cannot go up or down steps.
  • It will leave a narrow margin of long grass where the boundary wire is. In most cases the owner will have to manually strim these areas.
  • Despite having fairly sophisticated security measures in place, they are still vulnerable to theft.
  • If you like striped lawns then don’t by a robot mower.
  • If you are unable to provide a reliable and permanent power supply.

Still not sure? Not to worry.

If in doubt please give Oakleys Garden Machinery a ring.
Our friendly sales team have a huge amount of experience in selling and installing both robot mowers and traditional mowers.

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