The Robotic Revolution

Having been a robotic mower dealer since the beginning of 2017 we at Oakleys have seen a year upon year rise in the popularity of robotic mowing. In the early days of selling and installing these products we found that we were met with scepticism, comments along the lines of “that little thing will never cut my large lawn” etc which were common responses. Worldwide both smart and non-smart mowers are forecasted to see a 12% growth between 2020 and 2025 with the former likely to take a larger share as the cost of integrating smart features into these machines becomes less.

The big players in the manufacture of robotic mowers are Bosch, Stihl, Stiga, MTD and Market leaders Husqvarna who celebrated 25 years of production mowers in 2020. The increase in demand has sparked many more manufactures to jump on board.

We at Oakleys have been focused on the Husqvarna brand so far and are proud to be selling and installing this prestige brand. However, we have made commitments to take on both Stihl and Gardena mowers next season as after testing the products we are happy with there performance and feel they fill some of the gaps in our range and offer some different options.

Inline with the worldwide forecast we too expect to see yet another growth year in robotics coming and are excited to see what developments are made within this rapidly expanding sector of our industry. Who knows exactly what the future holds but we are sure as the world turns to a cleaner automated way of working it will involve more battery and robotic product-based machinery sales and less petrol and two-stroke tools. We at Oakleys can’t wait to be a part of this.

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