How do I know when my part or machine will arrive?

Our own delivery vehicles will sometimes be used to deliver machines locally, but in most cases machines will get sent out via courier. 

Items that can be sent out quickly (i.e. don’t need to be built) and of which are ordered before 2pm will be immediately sent out for next day delivery. Anything ordered after 2pm will arrive one day later. 

The time it takes for your part or machine to arrive also depends on 3 other things… 

  • If we have it in stock - Some parts may have to be shipped from the manufacture and therefore may take longer to arrive. But this is rarely happens with machines.  
  • The complexity of building your machine - Larger machines can take at least a day to build and properly test. 
  • And whether or not you require a specialist delivery service. Again this usually applies to larger machines only.  

Please note that not all couriers are able to deliver on weekends or bank holidays. 

Here at Oakleys we are fully aware that you will be wanting your mower, strimmer, blower, part, or whatever it may be, delivered to your front door “sharpish”! And delivered at the right price. We have therefore gone the extra mile to ensure that our delivery terms are to your liking. 

The cost of delivery as well as how long it will take to arrive will vary according to what you have purchased. To make life easier, below is a list of product types and their delivery terms… 


No matter what you buy, we never charge postage on orders over £50. 

If your order is under £50 then will apply a small postage fee depending on product/s that you have purchased (usually £4 max). 

Accessories (or any item that does not have to built or tested) 

Anything that we have in stock, and does not need to be built or tested, will be sent out for the next delivery. 


Smaller Machines

Small ride on and push mowers. Please allow 2-3 working days for your new machine to be built, tested and delivered by ourselves or sent via various couriers such as DPD, Fed Ex, Hermes, etc.  


Machines and accessories - If we have run out of stock

If you find that we don’t have the machine or part that you want in stock, that does not necessarily mean that we can’t get it for you. On rare occasions our suppliers do run out during peak times of the year. Yet in most cases we are able to secure delivery in fairly short notice. If you are happy to wait a bit longer then please contact us by phone or by email to find out a rough delivery time and to reserve your booking.   

You are always within your right to cancel your order with us at anytime before the item is despatched.

Larger Machines

Once the machine is built and tested, Oakleys will contact you to arrange a delivery day (not weekends). Please allow at least 7 to 10 working days after the payment has been received for your new machine to arrive.

All that we ask is for someone to be there to sign for delivery.

Please be aware that the delivery driver must have enough space in a safe environment to unload the machine.  

Spare Parts

Sadly, due to the vast numbers of parts that we sell, we are unable to stock every single one. So, although most parts can be sent from our warehouse the same day as the order, in some cases we may have to order the part from the manufacturer. 

We receive shipments almost every day from our suppliers and so we are usually able to source the part very quickly. 

Either Way… If there is any delay at all, we shall make you aware of a rough ETA as quickly after your order as possible.

If you are not happy with the estimated ETA that we have given you, we will be more than happy to give you a full and immediate refund.

To help you understand the various outcomes, here is a list of the scenarios and associated their delivery times:

  •       If we have it in stock = The part should arrive the next working day (if ordered before 3pm)
  •       If we don’t have it in stock but our supplier does = Up to 5 working days
  •       If neither us or our supplier has the part in stock…

o   In a good case scenario = Could take up to 2 weeks

o   In a bad case scenario = 1 month+   

Please be aware that all manufactures at some point will discontinue parts for very old machines. And therefore, in a worst-case scenario some parts may no longer be available. But whatever the case we will endeavour to keep you informed.

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