New Automower 315X 25 Year Limited Edition - Now Available at Oakleys. Whilst stocks last!

To celebrate Husqvarna's success at being market leaders in building Robotic Mowers, they have built a limited number of 315X machines of which have been fitted with a prestigious looking golden cover. 

Not only that... Husqvarna have gone even further by offering additional Automower accessories for free. This limited edition bundle deal includes the following products...  

1. A 315X Automower fitted with a gold colour scheme 


2. An Automower House

3. Maintenance & Cleaning Kit

4. A pack of endurance blades

Free Robot Mower Blades


This complete kit would normally be worth £2,371.97‬. Now it is only 2,099

As this is a limited edition special offer, Husqvarna have only manufactured 100 units for all of the UK and Ireland. So please order soon to avoid disappointment!... 

Click here to order yours now




Interested in finding out more? Below is a brief history of Husqvarna's Automower:


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