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Robot mowers are incredible bits of kit, but they still need to know where the boundary is, as well as any areas within the garden where it should never go (such as ponds and flower beds for example). This is done by laying down a wire that tells the robot mower where it must not cross. 

For more complex lawns, certain mowers can use additional “guide wire” can be laid down to help the mower find its way home. Thus reducing the amount of power/battery needed to get back to its base station to charge. This can also be used to program mowing start points. 

When buying a robot mower it is important to remember that it's performance will completely depend on which model you buy, but more importantly… how it is installed in your garden. 

This is why we offer our customers a free on-site survey to help determine which robot mower you need, and roughly how much boundary wire you require to install it.

This is usually done by looking at satellite imagery as well as any photographs sent to us by the customer. But if your lawn is very large or/and complex, then it is likely that we will need us to visit your garden to properly assess it.  

The purpose of the site survey is three fold… 

  1. To ascertain whether or not a robot mower will do the job. 
  2. If the answer is yes, then we will suggest to you which machine would best meet your requirements, as well as the right amount of boundary wire to install it. 
  3. And last of all… So that we are able to offer you a quote for us to install the mower for you. 


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