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Mountfield MM2605 Multi Tool 5 in 1
The versatile 5 in 1 Multi-Tool is powered by a Mountfield two-stroke engine. After mixing petrol and oil at a ratio of 40:1, the only head-scratching will be deciding which tool to fix and use first. You have a choice:...
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Husqvarna 125B Petrol Blower
  An efficient petrol blower that combines high blowing power with user friendliness. The perfect Husqvarna leaf blower for homeowners. A well balanced lightweight leaf blower that's easy to manoeuvre thanks to in-lined air outlet. Auto return stop switch Stop...
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Stihl Swiss Bush Hook
Special hand sickle, suitable for managing young growth and clearing low growth. With a comfortable protective leather handle. Total Length = 32 cm Weight = 650g                 
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Stihl Wooden Sawhorse
Genuine Stihl Wooden Saw Horse is the portable aid to help you cut firewood. Quality product from one of the leaders in garden machinery and accessories. Manufacturer Stihl OEM No. 0000 881 4602 Fits Brands Stihl Part Type Genuine Part...
£46.00 £39.99
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Gardena StarCut 410+
The specialist for the maintenance of trees and shrubs Gardena Telescopic Pruning Lopper StarCut 410 plus Gear transmission made of steelThe inside steel gear transmission is particularly robust and durable. The 12x gear transmission ensures a much higher cutting force....
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Classic Forest Helmet with Face and Ear Protection
This high quality helmet is equipped for forestry or garden work. With a traditional six-point plastic harness and one-hand adjustable slip ratchet. The harness depth is also adjustable in three steps for individual fit. The hearing protectors are developed for optimal...
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Gardena Car Wash Set
Gardena Combi Starter Set For effortless work and ideal adaptation to inaccessible spots. Rotatable and easy-to-use Fully rotatable in 30° steps – the Wash Brush can reach anywhere and is flexible in use. PET for gentle cleaning The high-quality bristles...
£39.99 £29.99
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Stihl AP System Batteries
These Stihl batteries are compatible with the PRO Cordless Power System. The AP series are lightweight 36 V Lithium-Ion batteries. They feature a charge level indicator on the top with four LEDs so you can see how much charge you...
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Husqvarna Wooden Sledge Axe
[custom tab] Category Garden Equipment Type Hand Tool Unit / Deck or Accessories Unit Specific Info Wooden Sledge Axe Manufacture Husqvarna Model 576926601 Model Part Number 576926601 Length 80cm Weight Kg 2.5 Warranty 1 Year [/custom tab]
£89.99 £79.99
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Gardena Comfort Grass Shears
The convenient way to cut lawn edges – without bending down The GARDENA Comfort Grass Shears with handle enables easy and accurate cutting of lawn edges from a back-saving, upright posture. Large, smooth-running wheels make it easy to navigate the...
£44.99 £34.99
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Stihl FH-KM 145 Degree Scrub Cutter Attachment for KombiTool System
For cutting close to the ground and for low-spin mowing in very narrow spaces as well as in areas near traffic. Flexible adjustment mechanism, space-saving carrying position, bar length: 25 cm, total length: 126 cm. Weight: 2.1 kg. Suitable for...
£325.00 £243.00
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Gardena Combi System Shovel Rake
3in1 multi-purpose tool for many applications The combisystem Shovel Rake set from GARDENA will certainly prove useful in your garden. The unique 3-in-1 tool can be used for raking, shovelling and sieving. The Shovel Rake helps you to perform a...
£29.99 £22.49
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Gardena Easy-cut Lopper and Secateurs set
Gardena Easy-Cut Lopper and Secateurs Set The Gardena Pruning Lopper EasyCut is a classic bypass Pruning Lopper for cutting fresh wood. Due to its low weight and the excellent lever action, the amount of effort required to cut is low....
£39.99 £34.99
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Husqvarna 525BX Petrol Leaf Blower
A well-balanced professional blower. Husqvarna's 525BX boasts excellent power, combined with well-balanced design that makes it comfortable to work with even over long periods. Low vibrations with comfortable control Husqvarna's LowVib system uses anti-vibration dampeners to help prevent vibrations reaching your arms and hands, meaning that you can work for...
£319.00 £229.00
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Husqvarna 4.5mm 2 pack Round File
Designed with 20% better cutting performance and longer lifetime. To keep your chain in top condition, you will need a round file and a file gauge to sharpen the cutters. A correctly sharpened chain will make your work easier and...
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Stihl MOTO4PLUS 4-Stroke Petrol
Power tool petrol developed specifically for STIHL small 4-stroke engines. User- and engine-friendly thanks to fewer emissions (free from ethanol; almost no olefins and aromatic compounds). Can be kept in storage for up to five years. Reliable top performance –...
£19.00 £17.50
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Stihl Filing Kits
£23.00 £19.00
Stihl Filing Kits
Includes file holder with round file, flat file and file gauge in a sturdy case.
£23.00 £19.00
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Stihl Saw Chain Round Files
For STIHL filing kits and file holders; without file handle.
£1.35 £1.15
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Gardena Hedge Clippers Nature-Cut Set
Gardena NatureCut Hedge Shears and Secateurs Set This Gardena tool kit consists of a pair of NatureCut hedge shears and a pair of classic bypass secateurs, making it a versatile cutting solution for a variety of plants, shrubs and hedges...
£44.99 £36.99
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Gardena Bypass Secateurs
Reddot Design Award 2016 The reddot design award dates back to 1955 and is now of the world's largest and most distinguished design competitions. Evaluation criteria: important special design qualities, design competence and excellent design. Stainless steel lower blade, fibreglass-reinforced...
£14.99 £11.99
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Husqvarna Ear Defenders
These hearing protectors are developed for garden work and other hobby/leisure activities. The design is light and comfortable with extra wide headband for secure fit and less pressure on the users head. It is equipped with a unique polyurethane insert...
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Gardena Axe and Blade Sharpener
The knife and axe sharpener suitable for most common blades The GARDENA Blade and Axe Sharpener is a versatile unit for the sharpening of knives, blades and axe tips. The grinding process is efficient and reliable as the guide slot...
£12.99 £11.99
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Gardena combi system small tools set
Gardena Combi System Small Tools Set The perfect set to introduce you to the combisystem world The combisystem Hand Tools Set gives you everything you need to get started with the combisystem universe. Perfect for small gardens or for taking...
£24.99 £21.99
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Husqvarna Bli20 4.0Ah Ah Battery
Powerful 36V Li-ion batteries designed for demanding domestic use. High capacity for longer run times. Ideal for 100 - 300 series, offers excellent cooling and features an intuitive 3-LED charge indicator. Battery capacity [custom tab] Category Garden Equipment Type Battery...
£159.00 £125.00
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