Automower 420 Installation

Recently we Installed our first Automower 420. Our elderly customer had a large fairly open lawn. Unfortunately, due to a recent operation he was no longer able to use his walk behind mower and struggled to get on and off a ride on mower. The Automower 420 was the perfect solution to his needs.

Oakley’s instillation team were highly impressed with this often-overlooked model. The 420 is the only mower in the 400 range not to feature GPS and can be overshadowed by the 430x and 450x models. In this application however the 420 was the perfect fit as the area suffered from very poor phone signal and our customer did not own a smart device anyway.

An even lawn coverage was achieved by programming mowing start points using the guide wires. 

Due to this Installation being in a rural location and having found evidence of wildlife digging during the free on-site survey it was decided that the heavy-duty cable would be used. This cable is almost 1mm thicker than the standard cable and will reduce the chances of breaks if the ground around the cable is disturbed by digging from rabbits.

Once again, this customer has taken up the 3-year service contract with Oakley’s. We look forward to seeing it again in the winter.

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