Automower 310 in Muxton Shropshire

Summer 2019 and Oakley’s are installing another Automower 310, this time in Muxton Shropshire. Our customers lawn tractor had broken down at the height of the cutting season meaning the lawn had started to get away from him. After considering the various ride on replacements and having had the free on-site survey he decided to go for a Automower 310.

At the time of instillation, the grass quality was very good due to regular treatments and fertiliser however it had become to long for an Automower to work efficiently. This was not a problem as Oakley’s arrived to do the instillation with a professional commercial standard twin blade cut and collect mower. The grass was cut to the customers desired length and the Automower set to maintain this grass length. 

Once again, our customer took out the 3-year service contract with Oakley’s protecting his warranty for three years and meaning his mower will always be running on the latest software.

“We bought our Husqvarna Automower as an alternative to replacing our ride on mower. It seemed like a risky decision at the time but we needn’t have worried.

Arnie as we have named ours (after the terminator as he “absolutely will not stop”) is up there as one of the best purchases we have ever made.

We now enjoy a wonderful, maintenance free lawn every day, come rain or shine. No annoying first cuts, no overgrowth when returning from holiday, just a beautiful constant carefree lawn delivered by our tireless “friend” Arnie.

Ross and the team at Oakley’s have been there every step of the way to help us get started and get used to what turns out to be the simplest of machines.

We can’t recommend the Husqvarna Automower and the team at Oakley’s highly enough.”



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