Automower 450x Installation Near Swadlincote

This lawn was large but not complicated. There were no separated areas for the 450X to navigate, very few "islands" for it avoid, and only a few trees for it to bump in to.


It was the sheer size that demanded that we installed a 450X. And with 3 guide wires the 450X Automower was able to cover every area of the lawn and get back to it's charging station with great efficiency. 



Following the installation, we set the machine to fully auto. Thus, allowing it to use its GPS system and its guide wires to map the lawn and work out it's mowing schedule with full autonomy. No manual override was needed. 


There were a few lumps and bumps, as well as some slightly steeper areas. But these small issues were resolved by fitting a "rough terrain kit" to allow the Robotic Mower to maintain grip when needed. 




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