Automower 450x Installation Minsterley

This instillation provided almost every issue you could have with a robotic mower, complex segregated areas, narrow winding corridors, steep slopes obstacles and poor GPS signal. However, with some landscaping changes and cleaver programming of the 450x to transit through the corridors the instillation was a success proving that with some effort and flexibility any lawn can be made Automower friendly. Our customer goes away to see relatives abroad most years, with the 450x mowing while he’s away all that is required is a bit of strimming to tidy up the edges on his return. 

At Oakley’s we strive to keep InTouch with our Automower customers and help with any questions they may have or just offer advise long after the instillation has taken place. Its always nice to hear from our customers especially when they embrace the Automower concept like this!  

Hi Ross,

I wondered whether you’d seen the sticker sets you can get for the automowers.  I’ve just bought one for mine (see attached).

All the best,


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