450X Automower Near Much Wenlock - Large and Complex

This garden consisted of multiple large areas of lawn of which all have have to be navigated through narrow passageways. There is also a stream running through it. The total area to be mown was roughly 4,200 m2 (so not massive) but it required just over 1,000 meters of wire to be buried (most are 400m to 600m).

Which shows the complexity and thus thus installation was never going to be easy! 

The main cause for concern was the stream and a small pond where in some places the lawn slopes towards them. Due to there being a risk of the mower falling in, we decided not to take any risks and buried the wire in such a way that the mower kept at a safe distance. 

The customer wanted to be able to stop the mower from mowing an area where daffodils appear in the spring before then allowing it to carry on mowing the area once the daffodils had gone. We  so wired the area off and installed a switch. 





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