450X / 4,700m2 Install Near Much Wenlock

Here we installed a 450X and buried roughly 700 meters of cable to cover an area of nearly 4,700 m2. 

The majority of the lawn was large and open and thus only needing 4 "islands" to be created around flower beds and trees. But there were also two smaller lawns located nearby, of which could only be accessed via narrow pathways. So although the 450X is capable of mowing 5,000 m2 of lawn, this installation was always going to put it to the test. 

Husqvarna 450X Installation

Another issue that we had to find a solution for was the neighbouring River Severn. Of which during the previous Autumn had managed to burst its banks and flood part of the lawn. Worried that the new Automower could potentially be washed away, we came up with a float switch that would disable the loop signal when the water reached a certain height, and thus disabling the Automower whilst also alerting the owner via the app.        

As the 450X was at near capacity we decided to not bury a guide wire leading to one of the secluded areas. The reason for this was 3 fold...

  1. Because the area in question was very shaded and therefore the grass grew slowly.
  2. Because we wanted the mower to concentrate on the main area of the lawn. 
  3. And because we felt that the entrance was wide enough (roughly 2.5 meters) for the mower to navigate it's way in there using its GPS only.   

Because of some areas being a little to steep, we fitted all terrain wheels to help the mower gain purchase during wet weather.

The overall result was huge success and the mower proved more than capable at dealing with fast grass growth during the spring.




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