Automower 310 in Telford Shropshire

September 2019 and Oakley’s are installing another Automower 310 in Telford Shropshire. Once again this ever-popular Husqvarna model has impressed. This time working in a beautiful segregated garden of about 900 sqm full of various fruit trees and shrubs.

Wherever possible we bury our cable underground however Oakley’s installers aren’t afraid of getting on their hands and knees and pegging the cable down when required.

Islands were created around the many obstacles some of which are controlled by switches allowing seasonal bulbs such as daffodils and snowdrops to grow and flower without being mown down. After the plants die back the switch can be activated and the mower will treat the areas as lawn again.As this lawn comprised of two main zones the guide wire was used to program start points ensuring an even lawn coverage in both areas.

During the free on-site survey, the issue of fallen fruit was discussed and the customer was shown the results of mowing apples with our demonstration model, this has now become a bit of fun for our customer trying to beat his Automower to the produce of the trees!

“The mower is settling in well, although it has an appetite for windfalls, particularly soft fermenting apples - photo attached - I think it has a taste for rough cider. Detox and a spell of rehab may be needed at the end of the season. I will get in touch. I was very happy with your prompt and thorough service, and would be happy to recommend you.”

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