Gardena robotic mower in Nesscliffe Shropshire

Robot mowers are not just for large properties, this summer Oakley’s installed our first Gardena robotic mower for Mr. Brooks of Nesscliffe Shropshire. Both ourselves and our customer were pleasantly surprised at the ease of installation and efficiency of operation from this robotic mower.Garena are a part of the Husqvarna group and so are fully supported by Oakleys Our customer decided to have Oakley’s install this for him using our cable burying machine, however the Gardena mowers come with all the installation materials and fitting instructions for you to install the mower yourself.



“Whether I’m enjoying a cuppa in the morning, a wine in the evening or away for weeks on my boat ‘Lenny’ is always working on the lawn and it's never looked so good! After just a couple of weeks I could see an improvement in the grass quality but now three months on it looks like an expensive carpet and I haven’t had to do anything! I’m glad I got Oakley’s to professionally install my mower as bending down pegging looked like hard work!”



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