As mentioned before, it is absolutely vital that your new mower is installed correctly. Because if it isn’t, the best case scenario is that the mower will not perform as well as it should, but even worse (and more likely) you will probably end up having to rip up all the wire and start again. Which in most cases is quicker than trying to diagnose the fault. 

We don’t want to discourage our customers from installing their new machine themselves, but rather make them fully aware of the potential issues that could end up wasting a lot of their valuable time and money. But if you do feel confident, then we recommend watching this video made by Husqvara which will help you understand how it works.

But for those who prefer to allow a professional to do it for them, we suggest using Oakleys to install your new robot mower for you. We have built up a wealth of experience over the years from installing many various types of Robot Mowers. As well as into gardens that vary hugely when it comes to size and complexity. Click here to see some case studies. Plus… Husqvarna will offer a third years warranty for free, as long as it is installed by an authorised dealer such as Oakleys. 

So… If you value your time and don’t want the stress, then please feel free to ask us for a quote to do the work for you.  

An installation carried out by Oakleys will include the following…

  • All of the boundary and guide wires to be buried up to 5cm deep using our specialist wire burying machine. Click here to see it in action. 
  • We will charge you for only the wire that we use so reducing wastage. You won’t be required to by any installation kits. 
  • Installing the robot mower’s base station as well as providing a power supply.  
  • Correctly setting up the robot mowers parameters. 
  • Fully testing the mower. 
  • Linking the mower to the customers Iphone, Ipad or/and Alexa device. 
  • Some time spent with the customer explaining how it all works. 
  • High quality after sales service and support following the install. 

Please note that we are not electricians, stone masons or plumbers, and therefore depending on your requirements we may in some cases need to outsource these skills from elsewhere. If in this situation you prefer to use your own contractors then please feel free to do so.

Where the customer takes responsibility… 

We will always look after our customers following an install. If there are any problems that have been caused due to ourselves carrying out the work incorrectly, then we will aim to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible, and free of charge. 

It is important to note however that if we find the fault to be caused by factors outside of our control, then will charge for the time spent on site as well as for any incurred travel costs. 

This scenario is rare but it does happen. 

Here are some common examples of where an automower may develop a fault despite being installed correctly… 

  • The most common one… Garden animals digging up or/and chewing through the wire. We can help prevent this by installing wire (at a slightly greater cost) that has an extra layer of protection as well as having a bitter taste on the outside. Although Click here to find out more. 
  • Power failure to the base station.  
  • Obstacles (such as large molehills or fallen branches) restricting the mowers ability to navigate back to the base station to charge. . 
  • Following any landscaping (big or small) that could affect the boundary wire or the mowers access to the garden and its base station. 
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