Automower 450x in Attingham Shropshire

This summer we were privileged enough to be asked to survey and install an Automower 450x in a large property formerly a part of the Attingham estate in Shropshire. This was a complex installation of nearly 5000sm across three main zones connected by footpaths. The customer part exchanged his ride on mower with us and is now saving himself a considerable amount of time and money maintaining the lawns of this picturesque property. As an added bonus the rabbits which used to frequent the lawn at night seem to be staying away. It would seem that they are not keen on the Automower patrolling the grounds with its headlights on throughout the night!

The 450x with GPS navigation and corridor handling has no problems find its way around some of the narrow passages connecting the lawns in this complex installation.

'We were impressed in the quick install time by Oakleys and how a complicated lawn like ours could be cut by one automower. Oakleys helped us with in the early stages of the set up and we are very happy with the results. By my calculation I have saved 60hrs of ride on mower time this summer....fantastic!'

Carl Huntley

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